The kitesurfing dog in Famara beach

Perfect kitesurfing morning in Famara beach, Lanzarote when wind dropped from 25  to 10 knots. All the kite surf friends decided to wait and not go home for a beer determinant to do some more kitesurfing because the weather forecast was promising. Hanging for some time with our friends while kitesurfing Famara beach, chatting and trying to save the world,  Mateo came with an idea that we could attach a small kite from kitesurf school Lanzarote on Obi-Wan’s back. Jack Russell Terrier is a dog, who needs a lot of running: “he said”. This is ideal for him we thought!
A small kite for kitesurf beginners which is appropriate also for teaching kids to kite was the best option. Guys did some modification and what is the most important, shorten the lines. We have been trowing him the stick upwind. While he was running, wind was cough in his kite. All the circus started because of this crazy idea. Everybody started to take photos of him while kitesurfing  Famara beach. He was the one and only attraction that day on the beach because at the end, the wind did not pick up.

Life of a kitesurfer can be tiring. Waiting for a wind and perfect conditions can sometimes be hard but at the end it is wort it! It becomes a way of life for someone. Kite surfers are willing to sacrifice a lot just to have a kitesurfing session.  The satisfaction at the end is just indescribable while kitesurfing Famara beach.  Just come and try it. You will not regret your decision. Finding out a new way  how to spend your free time and always want some more. All the free time and holidays will be planned on destinations with some wind! Kitesurfing Famara beach is the best!





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