Surf substitution

The doctor said: “No more SURFING”, so instead I choose SUP surfing Famara!

I think that there is no worse thing in life for me than stop doing things which I adore and make me feel ALIVE!

It was a few years ago when I got hernia discus. I went to see many specialist and they have all agreed that I will have to stop doing some sports and among them it was surfing and windsurfing, my two preferable one. What to do now, was my question?

When your body is telling you that you need to do some changes in life, you have to do them. There is no point fighting against!

At that time I saw a new sport SUP-stand up paddling (SUP surfing). I had a chance to tried it and I immediately thought that this could be a great substitution for surfing. You can equally catch waves and have some fun out in the water as with surfing.

The difference is the position of the body. You are standing on the board in your natural position. Your entire body is working. The core muscles are getting stronger and stronger what is beneficial for the spine as well.  I must admit that I have even more fun now with SUP surfing Famara than surfing it. In general I can catch more waves than before while surfing. You see everything from different perspective. I usually choose waves that are not crowded so I am not bothering anyone. That is probably the only negative thing from the surfers point of view.

While SUP surfing Famara I  am not suffering from hernia anymore. I  can still do some surfing and windsurfing again but off course in LIMITED EDITION.

The video shows how much fun I had #SUPsurfing here in #Famara  #Lanzarote with my #FLIKKA board.


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