Surf gang in Famara

Kids surfing  in Famara…

The beach is long, sandy and not dangerous at all. It is definitely appropriate for all ages! Before letting kids surfing Famara, please  read our advices below:

1.Make sure that the kids swim:
Kids should be able to swim at least 200 meters in still water before surfing Famara and bigger waves in deep water. For smaller kids and weaker swimmers, catching and riding waves is safer in shallow, knee to waist deep water close to shore.

2.Do they really want to surf, or is it me who wants them to surf? The most important is that the kids have fun! Do not force them into something they do not want. If they are just playing at the beginning their knowledge of waves and rip currents is improving and that a potentially lifelong love and respect of the waves is developing.

3.Book your child into a surfing lesson  Even mums and dads who surf really well enroll their kids into surf lessons. Their kids enjoy learning from ‘the really cool surf coach’ in an environment with lots of other kids. They show them the right technique, so they are improving much faster.

4.Learning a surf at low tide  During low tide, as whitewater waves roll to shore over a shallow sandbar, waves get smaller and lose their energy. The kids can walk out alone in shallow water to a position to catch their waves.

5.Surfing at a safe surf spot  Choose appropriate beach with no danger. Famara beach is definitely a right decision. Kids love surfing Famara!

6.Kids should use big softboards (foamies) when starting out.  A surfboard that is too small will be almost impossible to even catch a wave. Surfing is much easier and therefore more fun for kids on bigger boards.

7.Keep them safe Make sure that they are not cold and protected from the sun. The best is to use full length wetsuits.

8.Keep it fun Like any activity, kids will learn more quickly, and perhaps grow a life long passion and respect for the ocean when learning to surf is fun.


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