Electric Love

Electric Love tells the story of Venus, a girl desperate for some surfing and on her way to the secret beach.
She is a bit lost on the open road and no one seems to be able to help her. Till, out of the blue, a stranger appears on an electric horse. She trades her trousers for a ride to the beach and looses her heart in heaven.
Venus shows us that if you make the right choices the most amazing things in life are free.
Use the power of the sun, go with the wind and your dreams will become your life before you know it!
This film is the heart of our campaign to turn Lanzarote into an island run by sustainable energy resources, like windmills, photovoltaics and wavemachines. The ultimate goal is a Famaraiso windmill with 2.4MW, which will power all our dreams 😉 It will be our green living monument…
…..so that when the moment comes
we can say we did it all with Love….“


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