Kitesurfing Famara, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

It was one of those days perfect for kitesurfing Famara! Windguru was all red. The wind was strong in Caleta de Famara, Lanzarote. We had a day off and just for ourself so we decided to go kitesurfing. The idea was to test our new gadget for filming from a kite-Skymount (sky mount selfi kit). With this small tracer mount for GoPro, you get the same effect as using drone.

We went to Papelillo. This is part of Famara beach where you can kiteboard alone almost all the time. The waves outside were huge. It is because of the swell on the entire area of Canary Islands… I was trying to get out on the line up with my kite but I soon came back into the lagoon. It just wasn’t for me that day to get a double doses of adrenalin.

Waterman Tony decided to do some strapless kitesurfing outside on the “monster waves” . The wind became gusty and his 6m2 kite was just not big enough so he was struggling a lot. After a while he decided to give up and we had some fun filming and fulling around in the shallow water using GoPro. There was a few time when Tony got really scared because I was to radical and did some pretty close splashes on him.

Strong wind and waves can not stop us from kitesurfing Famara!

We did this short movie to show you the summery of that day. It shows you that kiteboarding conditions are completely rideable even though we had a big day for kitesurfing Famara.

Experienced kite surfers can enjoy more the waves outside when beginners can play closer to the beach in the shallow water. The beach is extremely big during the low tide. The kitesurfing schools can easely do their teaching of total beginners and show them the basics without the danger of hitting someone. There is enough for everybody if you are kitesurfing Famara!


Caleta de Famara
Lanzarote - Canary Islands
Phone: (+34) 634-050-564
TA-1-0000325.12,19, 39