Surf skate training Lanzarote

The fact living by the ocean and being outside all the time give us a chance to do different kinds of outdoor sports. We have a wide variety of them, but first is for sure surfing as in Caleta de Famara, where we are living for the last three years, we have the waves all the time. As the kids are just observers they soon pick up everything what they see. First through a play and fun but than really motivated. The majority of youngsters is »like on fire«. At the beginning we were teaching them but soon after we are learning out from them. If I am honest some seven year’s old kids are better than I am and I am practising this sports for more than twenty years. It is a great felling when a student is BETER than a TEACHER!

It is funny, a lot of metropolis and big cities around the world does not have a proper skateparks where you could practice skateboarding manoeuvres and moves. In Lanzarote, a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, almost every town or a village has its own skatepark or a ramp. Probably it is because of a live style. If it is not surf and surfing than it is skateboarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing. Everything is about boardriding! In Famara you could see people walking around in a wetsuits with their surfboards or just skateboarding on a longboards to buy fresh bread or »pastel« in the morning. People are using their skateboards for everything (checking the waves, going for a coffee, bringing the waste, going in the school…)

We found out that all the boardriding sports (roller skating, skating, surfing, kite surfing, kite boarding, stand up paddling, body surfing) are like a puzzle. It is a plesure to try everything. A combination of all gives you the chance to know the riding movements better and it improves your skills. From every sport you can pick something new and it puts you on a higher lever in another one. This is what makes a smile on our faces and give us a »go« to try different moves. We do not need much to say: LIFE IS GOOD!


Caleta de Famara
Lanzarote - Canary Islands
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